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Would you prefer a tent or a glamp?

When I travel around the globe and visit many camps, I always wondered where people prefer tent camping Slovenia or glamping┬áSlovenia. so I decided to try both options and find out if I would better answer tent camping in Slovenia or glamping Slovenia. I visited the camps and the most beautiful one was Natura Eco Camp in Kranjska Gora. here was the possibility of tent camping Slovenia and glamping Slovenia. I was really lucky to find everything in one place, and people were friendly and explained the difference between these two options. So I decided to try both options. If I’m quite sincere, the tent camping SLOVENIA was not the most exciting, because I was spatially very limited and I was not comfortable either. But when I tried glamping Slovenia, I was very excited. Glamp was comfortable and spacious and I had a tapeworm bed made of wood. In short, I was feeling like in my own home, really wonderful experience!

Therefore, the choice was not difficult to choose. If you want to enjoy the maximum and you also provide comfort, the glamp is a much better camping decision! Of course, it is a decision from each individual which option he will choose. But glamping Slovenia was really fun. It is a little similar to tent camping Slovenia but as I said it was more luxurious and much bigger. I also had more intimacy because there was no tent nearby, and I also had my own veranda in the middle of the forest. I could observe the sheep who were breeding and the flock of horses owned by the camp. One advantage of Natura Eco Camp is that it is only 15 minutes away from the center. I wish you many beautiful moments in camping in nature!

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